The Adler Institute

Parents are social leaders, shaping society's future.

Everything starts at home and, therefore, it is our mission to nurture and strengthen the parents whose responsibility it is to bring up the next generation.

The Adler Institute is a registered Israeli nonprofit operating since the 1960s. The Adler Institute is a leader in human relations in general, and family relations in particular. It is the largest and most diverse branch of an international network.

We subscribe to the humanistic worldview, according to which people have agency and move deliberately towards their goals. Among the universal and existential needs that all humans seek to fulfill are a sense of belonging within their communities and a sense of social affinity towards others. When such senses do not develop normatively, people respond with disruptive, abusive, and delinquent behaviors.

The institute trains professionals and provides counseling to families and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our work is informed by the professional consensus that the family is where the child develops social resilience as well as the values, beliefs, skills, and norms that will shape his or her future lifestyle and all future relationships. We believe that an enlightened and democratic society needs to invest in parents and families in order to help raise a generation of adults with healthy senses of responsibility, empathy, respect, and social affinity.

The Adler Institute programs for professionals include:

  • Training in parent counseling
  • Training in family therapy
  • Training in psychotherapy
  • Workshops in continuing education for professionals in the field of human relations
  • Workshops for educational teams in public schools, therapeutic boarding schools, and kindergartens on
  • how to instill positive values in classrooms and integrate students with diverse needs
  • Workshops for workers of the Israeli Prison Service and the Israeli Defense Forces

The Adler Institute programs for individuals and families include:

  • Individual counseling for parents and couples
  • Crisis counseling for couples
  • Guidance on collaborative divorce proceedings
  • Parental coordination for divorced parents
  • Individual therapy

The Adler Institute has decades of experience working with diverse populations, including:

  • Incarcerated parents
  • Parents with disabilities
  • Ethiopian-Israelis
  • Families of neglected children and adolescents

The Adler Institute is always updating its counseling and training programs to respond to the changing needs of the Israeli society.
Parenthood in the Community: A Joint Project between the National Insurance Institute and the Adler Institute in Rosh Ha’ayin

The Adler Institute established a project in Rosh Ha’ayin, which aims to cultivate a sense of belonging among the city’s existing and incoming populations (recently, thousands of newcomers moved to the city in response to its fast-paced and large-scale urban development).

Within the framework of the project, the institute facilitates training programs for community professionals including teachers, educators, counselors, school administrators, social workers, and community center workers. The project works with the city’s parents on a one-on-one basis and in groups, as well as through a parents’ leadership group that the institute helped establish. The program has been showing positive results with regard to the general well-being of the parents as well as the levels of empathy the community professionals exhibit towards the residents.

Following these successes, Adler partnered with the National Insurance Institute to develop an innovative model of working with parents of at-risk youth. Within the framework of the project, the Adler Institute created a mobile unit of parent and family counselors who arrive in selected neighborhoods on a regular basis and become part of the neighborhood landscape. The goal of the project is to create trust between the parents and the counselors and to provide an opportunity for the parents to develop important knowledge and skills in the field of parenting. The project reaches parents who would not traditionally seek out parental guidance by coming to the institute on their own.

The Adler Institute – Background

The Adler institute is a non-profit organization operating in Israel since the 1960s as a leading professional organization in the field of family relations in particular, and human relations in general, through study programs and personal experiences in the family, in education, in the workplace and in the community. The Adler Institute Israel is considered a brand name with a professional image of quality and normativity, an organization operating within the social and professional consensus.

The Adler Institute Israel is the largest and most diverse of all Adler organizations in the world!

Our work is based on a social, humanistic, positive and democratic worldview that views people as holistic entities deliberately moving towards goals, with the overall goal being the attainment of a sense of belonging to the society in which they grew up, work and live.

The Institute operates according to the accepted understanding of the world’s professionals and regards the family as the source of social resilience and relationships in general. At home, the child receives values, beliefs, skills and norms – the foundations for human relations. With the influence of their parents, children will develop their subjective lifestyles.

An enlightened democratic society needs to invest in parents and the nuclear family in order to raise a generation of adults who are responsible, have social affinity, empathy for others and mutual respect. 

One of the principles of the theory is each person’s social affinity and the existential need of every person to develop a sense of belonging, and when such a sense doesn’t develop normaly, people act with disruptive, abusive, delinquent and unintegrating behavior in order to regain the feeling they need. The theory regards each person as a whole that is and never complete, who as such moves in the social field while making choices to achieve their overt and covert goals.

On the one hand, the Adler Institute is an institution for the acquisition of professional knowledge and training certificates for work in all areas of human relations, while on the other hand it is a body of knowledge rich in experience and seasoned in working in the field with a diversity of populations.

The Institute’s training programs offer a range of professional knowledge and training:
1. Specialization in parental and family guidance in groups and individually;
2. Personal training;
3. Psychotherapy;
4. Family therapy.

Institute services for individuals and families include: Group parent training, one-on-one training for parents and couples, crisis counselling for couples, collaborative – divorce proceedings guidance, parental coordination for divorced parents, one-on-one therapy, lectures for different groups, workshops and continuing education for professionals in the human relations fields, work with educational staff at schools, “Adler in Kindergarten” – assimilating values in kindergartens.

The Institute is experienced in working with different populations: Over 25 years of training parents, incarcerated prisoners, volunteering to work with disabled parents, training boarding school and at-risk youth counselors, training Israel Prison Service (IPS) education officers and IDF casualty officers, training Ethiopian immigrants as professionals and parents, working with families with neglected children and teenagers, training teachers about inclusion and integration of children with diverse needs and more. The Institute makes sure to remain up-to-date with social processes, and adapts the training according to changes in Israeli society and the family structure, while addressing populations from different cultural backgrounds and the various challenges presented by Israeli families.

Establishing a Joint Project – Talking Parenthood in the Community – The National Insurance Institute and the Adler Institute

In recent years, the Institute has led the Family project in Rosh HaAyin, which is a systemic program with an urban perspective. The goal was to address the massive urban development in the city and develop a sense of belonging among the thousands of new families that moved to the city, as well as preserving this feeling among existing residents.

The project included working with all of the city’s professionals – teachers, counselors, school administrators, after school program staff members, social workers, community center staff and urban parent leadership, as well as individual and group work with the city’s parents, jointly funded by the city and the Institute.

The results showed a significant improvement in parental ability and well-being, as well as increased empathy for the city’s residents among the professionals.

The Institute presented the program and results to the National Insurance Institute’s Special Funds Managers. Following this, the Fund for At-Risk Children and Youth asked the Institute’s team to develop an innovative model for working with parents.

The Institute proposed the development of a mobile professional response that would provide knowledge to at-risk parent populations who do not seek parenting knowledge at their own initiative due to various characteristics and challenges.

The goal was to build a mobile unit in which an expert team of parenting and family counselors could regularly arrive in selected neighborhoods and become part of the neighborhood “landscape”, thus building and creating trust and an opportunity to provide knowledge to parents, who could use it to develop their parenting skills.

We view parents as social leaders who shape the country’s next generation.

 That is our mission and our belief.

Everything starts at home and therefore

it is our duty to nurture, strengthen and give parents back the responsibility for bringing up the next generation.